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Blades for Hunting, Bushcrafting, Fishing and Collecting

The very best Damascus, Carbon, Laminated, D2 Semi Stainless, O1 Tool Steel or Stainless Steel.

You can download a free copy of BASIC HANDLE MAKING here

Folder kits

Complete fultang and folding kits with all necessary parts, including sheaths.

Fire Steels

Available in large, medium and small sizes.

Sheaths and Pouches

Nordic and Western style sheaths and pouches to fit most knives, factory made to the highest standard.

To have a custom made sheath it will cost between £35 and £45.

Sheath Making Supplies and Leatherworking Tools

Everything you need to make your own sheath. See this web page for some basic instructions

Polishing Supplies

Polishing Mops, buffing soaps, tappers and micro buffers.

Wood and Metalworking Tools

Files and Rasps to make your own bolsters and slots in wood blocks, junior hacksaws and assortment of other useful tools.

Blocks and scales for tool handles

Exotic wood, Stabilised, doubled dyed woods and scales, Polyester imitation animal fur, shell and stone. Blocks can be cut to form scales, if required. Please see charges for cutting or enquire for further details.

Spacers and Liners

Natural wood, horn and bone products, composite materials and vulcanised fibre liners. Products will add style and colour to your knives.

Wood offcuts suitable for spacers, scales, inlays or firesteel tops and leather left over from sheath making

Mixed bags of natural part seasoned and stabilised wood and Natural Veg Tanned leather

Tool handle polishes and oils

Renaissance Micro-crystalline wax polish, CCL polishing kit sets.


All items or produced in Brass and Nickel Silver and will need a small amout of filling. It is best to grind the thang of the knife down to fit, gently hammering for tight engineers fit.

Available with square shoulders coded with "R"

Available with tappered slots for scandi grinds coded with "V"

Blanks in Brass, Stainless Steel, and Nickel Silver available in a variety of thicknesses.

Bolts for the attachment of Scales, wood, bone and micarta

We have available Lovelace bolts and three types of Corby Bolts, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper

Horn, bone, hoof and antler for handles, scales, spacers and insets

Arctic Reindeer antler, Moose Horn, Water buffalo, Camel Bone and imitation Ivory.

End Caps, Pommels, Lanyard Pins and Mosaic Pins

End Caps - concave and flat

Mosaic Pins - The finest pins we've found on the market. Adds an elegant touch to the handle. Drill a 5 mm deep hole into the handle, and attach the pin with glue

Matching Mosaic and Lanyard pins

Bolster Blanks, End Cap Blanks and Lanyard Tube

A selction of plain bar and milled blanks suitable for Bolsters with fingerguards cut away see


End caps to suit every project see

Online Catalogue |  For tool making supplies