Blades for Hunting, Bushcrafting, Fishing and Collecting

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Blades for Hunting, Bushcrafting, Fishing and Collecting


Handforged blades. Rustic blades in Böhler 0.8 Carbonsteel, for heavy use.

AE Damascus steels

AE Damascus blades are made from 1095 and 15N20 steel. Hrc 59- 60. These models are custom made for Brisa Ltd, to their designs, we import them directly from Finland. The blades have successfully passed several tests by engineers and knife makers in the UK


Handforged utility blades


Knife blades from Norway.


Handforged, robust blades in carbonsteel. Thickness 4 - 5 mm

Knut Carlsen

Knut is a knifemaker orginally from Norway but now residing in the UK

Dorset Woodland Range

A range of knives for Bushcrafting and Hunting in both 01 tool steel and stainless steel.

EHK Damascus Steels

Available as Fultang and Stick tang. All of these blades will need some sharpening and some gring to fit bolsters, the fultangs have holes that have been drilled for fixing pins. The stick tangs can be ground to suit handle application.


Blades in highest precision made. Swedish Uddeholm AEB-L stainless steel.

EnZo Fultangs

The Enzo Fulltang line is especially designed for hunters and outdoorsmen. Precision made blades in every detail. A lot of attention to the grind and we can provide five different grinds.
Hollow (H)
Flat (F)
Scandi with a small secondary bewel (Sc)
Scandi ground to zero (ScZ).
Convex grind (Cv) Blade finish is either satin or bead blast.

The steels used are

Carbon O1 is a widely used american knifesteel.
C 0.90 Mn1.20 Cr 0.50 W 0.50 V 0.20

D2 steel is one of the best knife steels. It is a tool steel and has very good hardness and wear resistance, while still maintaining some rust resistance due to high Chromium content.
Chemical composition: C 1.55%, Mn 0.3%, Si 0.3%, Cr 12%, Mo 1% Hrc 60- 61

EnZo Nordics

The new Finnish line of knife design, for functionality and elegance. The right geometry and angle for these very sharp blades. Designed so you can make a curved handle with tang through, or you can easily cut the tang. The blades #230-234 have the tang about 0.1 mm thinnner than the blade for easier bolster assembly.
O1 carbonsteel
AUS 8 Stainless steel
D2 high carbon, semi stainless steel
C carbonsteel 0.8 % carbon

Fultangs from around the world

A few experimental blades and ideas.

Kankaanpaa Blades

Utility blades in Bohler Uddeholm carbonsteel used for decades. Slightly convex grind.

Lauri Carbon Blades

High quality Finnish carbonsteel blades. Bolsters, caps and ferrules available in brass and nickel. Traditional scandi grind with one single bevel.
Steel analysis Carbon steel: Tempered HRC 59 C-0,81 Mn-0,56 S-0,004 P-0,01 Si 0,35 V-0,161 Cr-0,54

Lauri Stainless Blades

High quality Finnish stainless steel blades. Traditional scandi grind with one single bevel.


Mirror polished blades from Ukraine.


Blades from Sweden.

Polar Nordics

Sharp blades with the right geometry for cutting. Traditional scandi grind. New line. These are the sharpest blades we carry, beside japanese kitchen knives.

Steel analysis Carbon steel HRC 59 C-0,81 Mn-0,56 S-0,004 P-0,01 Si 0,35 V-0,161 Cr-0,54

Puronvarsi Blades

Yrjo Puronvarsi blades are hammered out of old Krupp carbonsteel, and are unique with their rombic transversal section i e they are thickest in the middle where the grindline begins.

Roselli Blades

Forged carbon steel blades.
UHC steel (Ultra High Carbon) with a high content of carbon (1,5%) and carbide.

Solingen Blades

Knife blades in stainless steel from Linder in Solingen, Germany with threaded ends suitable for use with a metal cap and also now fultang blades.

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For tool making supplies


Blades for Hunting, Bushcrafting, Fishing and Collecting